Words Carried By The Breeze

I’m in the business lounge at Heathrow, waiting for my flight back home. It’s been an exhausting 5 days and I’m so happy to be on the way home to see Nightmist and the kids. It’s cold outside but I must say, it’s nice to be back here again. To be in this weather, to see people walk quickly under their umbrellas with god-knows-what-thoughts running in their heads. Although I didn’t have time to go anywhere this time around, I made a point to have at least one meal at my favourite roast duck restaurant in the Bayswater area. A dear friend accompanied me there just a few minutes after I landed, hence, the craving I’ve had for months was finally fulfilled.

And going back to how I feel about London, it’s funny how my perception has changed throughtout the years. London used to be home. It used to be a playground for the seven year-old in me. Filled with sweetshops and bookshops, visits to the cinema, strolls in the park and Wednesday evening laundry with my mum. But nowadays, it just reminds me of work. Although I still feel nostalgic each time I set foot in this capital, I realise that warm fuzzy feeling I used to get when I spoke about it in the past, is no longer there. Maybe someday I’ll get it back.

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  1. London identik dengan misty-cludy-gloomy morning, gimanaaa gitu ya… Di sini di jakarta juga ada, biasanya di food court mall2 jam makan siang, cloudy2 sama asap rokok :p

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