It’s been raining cats and dogs since I got into the office this morning. The sky outside is still a pale gray and I am in no mood for work. I want to go home and hide under the blanket and sleep the afternoon away. If only.

Updated later:
Morningdew's Homemade Cereal PrawnsThe kids and I are big fans of Cereal Prawns and today I rushed home to make my own homemade version of this delicious dish. I made a stop at the local supermarket and bought fresh prawns along with some instant cereal and curry leaves. As soon as I reached home, I immediately went into the kitchen to work on this experiment. The prawns turned out beautifully and it only took us 10 minutes to finish the whole serving. The best part was when the kids said, “It tastes better than the one we usually eat at Jumbo! Can we have some more?” :-)

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  1. no, unfortunately, i didn’t. i was wondering what happened. don’t worry, there will be more singapore trips for me.. ehhe… one of these days, we’ll meet up ya…

  2. that looks and sounds yummy!!! please kindly include the recipe in your email… :-)

    btw i just got a recipe for dutch apple pie. my dutch assistant made one for her farewell party and it was delicious with a hint of cinnamon! i’ll make an experiment one of these days and let you know what kind of disaster/wonderment i’ll create :-p

  3. hi! can u pls send me the recipe for cereal prawns? what kind of instant cereal mix are u buying and where do u get it from?

  4. Hey could I have the recipe for your Cereal prawn too, plus the brand of the Instant cereal mix! thank you so much!

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